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Rodent Control in
The Woodlands, TX

Rodent Control for The Woodlands, Texas

We are all aware of the havoc a rat can create. Now imagine what will happen if there is more than one of them. The situation can be dangerous. Rodents like rats can easily enter your home, feed on your food and contaminate it. They can also transmit diseases and make you and your family sick. Fortunately, there are ways to fight these uninvited guests. That is by hiring a professional rodent control service from Life After Bugs

How to Prevent Rodents in The Woodlands?

Listed below are some ways you can implement to prevent rodents from entering your house.

Seal entry points

Rodents have fluid-like bodies which means they can squeeze through the smallest openings. Hence, be sure to seal every crack and crevice in your house. Check the outside of your house for any open pipes, cracks, etc., and fill them up.

Keep your house clean

Rodents are attracted to warm areas with enough food and water supply. Places like your storage area, garage with junk, or even dirty kitchen are perfect hiding spots for them. Hence, keep your house clean at all times. Also, keep your food items covered to prevent contamination.

Store food properly

Food is what attracts these creatures the most to enter your houses. Any uncovered food items or leftovers can easily be detected by rodents. Thus, it is advised to keep food in closed containers at all times. Also, remember to store food in good-quality containers as rodents can also chew away materials like plastic.

Plant mint

If you love gardening or have a garden outside your home, plant a mint. The smell of this plant keeps rodents away.

Get a cat

If you are a pet lover, simply get a pet cat. The cat can easily catch rodents and keep them away for a long time.

However, if these ideas seem to fail, you can always hire a professional rodent control service from Life After Bugs.

We can Remove Rodents from your Home and Business

Houses aren’t the only place rodents invade. They also sneak into your offices, commercials, storage units, etc. Thus, all of these places need extreme care and attention, and Life After Bugs offer just that. We offer effective rodent control services for residential and commercial establishments.