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Termite Treatment in
The Woodlands, TX

Only Life After Bugs can Protect You from Termites!

Termites can be a real pain, especially in The Woodlands, Texas. Hence, you need an expert termite inspector to identify the pests in your house. Life After Bugs offers excellent services for termite expulsion. We will begin with an inspection and present the right solutions for the job.

Drywood Termites

These termites are often hard to spot as they don’t leave any visible signs of damage. However, with our services, your house can easily get rid of this pest.

Subterranean Termites

These creatures nest in the ground and therefore, need special treatment for expulsion. We implement treatments that kill them within their structures and protect your home for a longer time.

Termite Fumigation

The most effective way to get rid of termites is by fumigation. This is the best way to eradicate dry wood termites. Under this process, your home will be covered for three days. Then, gases will be passed throughout the area to kill the termites. These gases then penetrate the structures of termites killing them inside. With our processes, you can easily get rid of even the most stubborn pests.

Local Termite Treatments

No Need to Move Out as Spot Treatments Can Eliminate Termites
Have termites in your house? No need to move out as our treatments can help. We can send our experts to inspect your house and identify the problem spots around. Once we have the location of these creatures, we will advise you on a few processes as mentioned above. Based on your needs, we will then perform your chosen technique and make your house termite-free.

Wood Destroying Pests in The Woodlands

Some common types of termites or wood-destroying pests to be found in The Woodlands, Texas are:

  1. Drywood termites 
  2. Subterranean termites 
  3. Fungus and dry rot 
  4. Wood boring beetles

Preventive Termite Treatments

  1. For new constructions
    It is recommended to do termite treatment before the work concludes. The wooden frames, slabs, and foundations can be treated for dry wood and subterranean termites to prevent infestation for nearly a decade. 
  2. For old buildings
    Termite treatments are also possible for existing structures. The exposed wood areas can be treated using appropriate methods.

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