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Tick Control in
The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Tick and Flea Control

Creatures like fleas are abundant in nature as they can breed easily. Even a single bite of this pest can cause diseases like Lyme. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of these pests if you find them on your property. Life After Bugs work towards eliminating fleas and ticks from houses and other areas. Hire us today and make your houses safe!

The most common ways fleas and ticks enter your house are your pets. They can cling to your pet when they are in the park or on a walk and enter your house without notice. Once they enter your home, they can easily bite and infect you with dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is important to do a tick and flea control service in your homes.


Signs of a Flea Problem

Homes with pets are more likely to be infested with fleas. Hence, a few signs to look out for are:

  1. Pets licking and biting themselves too often 
  2. Bites around the ankles and feet of your family members 
  3. Blackish brown dots on your socks that appear and disappear as you walk on the carpet 
  4. Black specs or flea waste falling off as you brush your pet

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to call Life After Bugs for flea and tick control services.

What to Expect at Your Initial Visit?

At Life After Bugs, we use a professional approach to deal with the problem. Hence, you can expect:

  • Our team asked questions about the problem to understand it better 
  • Initial assessment of your house to know the locations of fleas and ticks 
  • Confirm the pets you have 
  • To know unique conditions that might make your house more susceptible to fleas 
  • To ask any questions our team 
  • To get an estimate for the services

We assure to handle the flea problem safely and efficiently. Feel free to call us for a consultation.


Our Flea Control Process
At Life After Bugs, we use an elaborate process that involves the following steps:

Fleas and ticks are not something to ignore. Thus, we at Life After Bugs insist you call us for a professional flea and tick control service. Contact us now to know more!