In movies it’s funny when there’s a rat or bug in a restaurant, but in real life, pest infestations are no laughing matter. They aren’t cute like the rat from Ratatouille when you, a customer, or a health inspector sees one in your restaurant. That’s because rats can easily become one of the biggest headaches you have as a restaurant owner. If word of mouth gets around that there are rats in your restaurant, you’ll lose customers so fast, it will make your head spin. And if you have a roof rat problem it’s even harder to get rid of them.

Even if you don’t see them running around, the rats might leave evidence that they have been there in quite a few ways. It’s important to notice the telltale signs of a roof rat infestation and the most common entry points in a restaurant. At Life After Bugs, we are committed to getting rid of rodent infestations fast. Our team has the skills and equipment needed to eradicate those pesky rodents faster than you can say bon appetit.

Let’s look at some common ways to tell if roof rats are an issue in your restaurant.

What Is a Roof Rat?

The roof rat is a species of rat that is smaller than the traditional Norway rat. They are also called ship or black rats but referred to as “roof rats” since they have a tendency to find shelter up on the roof of a building. They damage roofing materials, as they chew their way into your restaurant, and are the most common type that is a nuisance for food-based establishments. They can infiltrate your food supplies getting into storage areas and spreading disease. Nothing funny or cute about that!

Signs of a Root Rat Infestation 

You may start to notice the following signs around your restaurant that indicate a rodent presence, even if you don’t actually see those little furry bodies running around. Look for the following signs around your place:

  • Noise after dark in the walls or ceiling
  • Dropping around food storage, trash, or in corners
  • Teeth marks on wood or wires
  • Rodent hairs anywhere near food
  • Grease footprints along the walls
  • Chunks of insulation gone
  • Urine marks

Entry Points That Need to Be Closed

Rats are crafty creatures with the ability to squeeze into holes or cracks that are just a ½ inch wide. Their pursuit of food, shelter, and warmth is what drives them. That’s why it’s vital a rodent control service, like Life After Bugs, comes out for an inspection and can close up all the potential entry points for rats in your restaurant, as part of commercial rodent control.

Some of those include doors that aren’t properly hinged, busted-out windows, air vents that have broken holes in them, or places where wiring has been chewed around. Our commercial exclusion service will seal cracks, gaps, and all entry points where rats can enter your establishment.

Then we provide extermination treatments such as traps, non-toxic chemicals, and baits to get rid of the rodents so they don’t come back.

Eliminate Roof Rats at Your Restaurant or Bar

If you suspect rodents are becoming an issue in your restaurant, give us a call today to schedule service with Life After Bugs. Our restaurant exterminators service restaurants in Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, and West Houston, Texas. We want to help you get rid of the rats as soon as possible to preserve your reputation and not compromise anyone’s health. This is a problem as a business owner that you just can’t afford to wait on.