Pest exclusion is the process of sealing cracks, holes, and gaps in a home’s eaves, easement, roof, around windows, and any other point of entry to prevent bug and rodent infestations. Commercial properties, stores, and restaurants also benefit from professional pest exclusion sealing to prevent termites, cockroaches, rats, ants, and other pests from entering. Any gaps around windows are sealed, and rubber seals under the garage door and entry doors are inspected and if needed, replaced.

Our professional pest management technicians thoroughly scour every inch of the exterior to find and seal crevices, blocking bugs and critters to prevent infestations. Once the property or home sealing is complete, we’ll monitor activity to ensure the exclusion is effective there are no breaches. Then all you have to do is enjoy your Life After Bugs.

What Does Pest Exclusion Cost?

The cost for home sealing to prevent pests starts at $700 but varies tremendously because there are so many factors to consider when determining a price. For example, a home with multiple pitches and triangular structures above windows has many more possible entry points to inspect and seal when compared to a one-story ranch-style home.

Pest prevention via exclusion sealing is a safe, smart tactic aligned with integrated pest management principle. Sealing around exterior high-rise windows poses many challenges and requires specialized equipment and safety gear, which makes the cost quickly multiply.

How do Technicians Pest Proof Homes & Buildings?

The pest exclusion process to bug proof or rodent proof a facility or home involves four steps.

  1. Pests are exterminated or trapped and removed
  2. Technician inspects exterior, roof, windows, etc. for gaps and pathways
  3. Holes, cracks, crevices area sealed and pathways eliminated
  4. Pest activity monitored to ensure effective pest prevention

Licensed pest control technicians have unique expertise allowing them to pinpoint the most common entry points quickly but also the sneaky ones specific to each critter. If you have a rodent infestation or other furry friends they are trapped and removed before any sealing ensues. Then pest control technicians inspect every inch of a home’s exterior, noting any holes, cracks, gaps, or seal breaches. Window frames are checked for gaps and filled with silicone, acrylic, or rubber caulk sealant as needed.

Any tree branches, plants, or other outdoor items creating a critter highway to and from you home are noted so technicians can move or trim as needed. Garage door seals are checked and replaced if cracked or broken. Eaves and overhangs are checked for signs of separation and filled if present. Roof shingles, rafters, rakes, gables, valley rafters, jack rafters, and ridge boards are all checked to ensure they are properly sealed and repaired if needed.

What if Pests Break the Seal?

Life After Bugs offers a one-year guarantee after rodent exclusion, the most common type of pest prevention sealing. Warranty or not, sealed homes and buildings are not safe from unwanted bugs, insects, and rodents forever. Eventually, the seals will start to break down and another pest exclusion service will be necessary.

Schedule Home Sealing for Pest Control in Katy, Richmond, or Houston TX

Life After Bugs is committed to keeping your home or business safe from unwanted pests, mice, squirrels, and raccoons. Pest prevention via exclusion sealing is the safest choice among pest prevention services and is aligned with integrated pest management principles. Call (832) 230-6433 now to schedule a free pest inspection and get a quote for home pest prevention sealing.