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a photo of termites

Best Termite Treatment, Signs Of Termites & Proven Prevention

Houston, we have a problem: spring is here, which means it is swarming season for termites, so it is vital that you know the different types of termites, the conducive environments that invite these insects into your home, and the best termite treatment. More than

Signs That Shows You Have Problem With Termites At Your Property

TERMITES are small-sized pests different from ants but the problems they cause don’t necessarily equivalent to a small-sized. They are a royal suffering to the people. They are notorious for their qualities of causing huge destruction; there are chances that if we see one termite

Possible Troubles Rodents Can Provoke On Your Katy Property

Rodents are small rats or mice-like creatures of the same breed. They have two incisors while mice don’t have. For those who don’t know, incisors are thin sharp teeth that continuously grow. They can pierce things and can cause damages. There are many types of

Tips for Mosquito Season

How to Prepare for Mosquito Season 1. Get Rid of Standing Water As the rain falls — or snow melts — make sure you’re not allowing standing water to build up in overturned trashcan lids, old tires, plastic sheeting, kiddie pools, birdbaths and so forth.

Searching for the Best Pest Control Katy TX Company

During a hot Texas summer, tenants and homeowners tend to become extremely antsy about their best pest control routines. Ants, roaches, flies, and other pests are virtually never wanted within the interiors of a residential or commercial building, and if you’re dealing with these issues

Why Life After Bugs is the Best Pest Control Company in Katy

As the summertime ends, many of us are excited to experience a bug-free home. So many critters can pop up inside and around your house during the hotter months, and many of them tend to stay away from residential property whenever the temperature isn’t ideal. 

Pest Exclusion: Sealing Holes & Cracks to Pest Proof Your Home

Pest exclusion is the process of sealing cracks, holes, and gaps in a home’s eaves, easement, roof, around windows, and any other point of entry to prevent bug and rodent infestations. Commercial properties, stores, and restaurants also benefit from professional pest exclusion sealing to prevent termites, cockroaches,

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