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Flying Ants vs Termites: How to Tell the Difference

You’ve heard how much damage termites can do to homes and buildings, but can you tell the difference between a flying termite and a flying ant? Whether you’ve experienced the devastation of termite damage yourself or not, your heart will sink when you see a

18 Signs of Termite Damage

Your home keeps you safe from the elements; cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, nice a dry. Termites also appreciate the home you’ve selected for your family, especially the wood beams holding up the walls and roof. They may be living in your home rent-free. And

2021 Mosquito Prevention Deals — Get Rid of Mosquitos for Less

GET RID OF MOSQUITOES NOW & SAVE $$$ WITH OUR END-OF-SUMMER DEALS!! – Download coupon or call today and receive a $200 discount off of a professionally installed mosquito misting system! – Download coupon or call today to get $25 off of a mosquito lawn

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